Story Locations

A New Death is set in the real life city of Savannah, GA and much of the places in the story are based off of real locations. In this section of the website, I’ll be posting pictures of the real life story locations, so all you non-Savannah A New Death fans will know what our characters are seeing!

***WARNING- LIGHT SPOILERS*** (I’ll do my best not to reveal too much!)

1. Jeremy’s Grocery Store

Jeremy's Grocery Store

In the beginning of A New Death, we find Jeremy collecting shopping carts completely unaware of the events unfolding within the store.  This is the store that I base the one in the story on, even though in the story, it is never referred to as a Publix. Behind this Publix is the marshland and marina that are the focus of the the Prologue.

2. The Coastal Waterways

IMG_7094 - Copy

This particular waterway is actually the Bull River, which really isn’t in the story. I just put this here to give you an idea of what our marshland looks like. Ooh, aah…

3. The Hardware Store *NEW*


The hardware store where Jeremy and Ben make a pit stop is based off a real hardware store located on Savannah’s south side. Much like many of the story locations though, I’ve taken “artistic” liberties and the inside of the store are completely from my imagination. I like to put real locales in the story, to make Savannah seem more alive, but the actual locations are not necessarily reflected in the book.

4. Warehouse #1 *NEW*


The first warehouse our survivors stay the night in. The name of the company is Mock Plumbing and Mechanical. It is a local company and also where the author of A New Death works full-time. Here’s a quick peek inside:

photo (3)

5. The Cemetery *NEW*

photo (1)

6. The Talmadge Bridge

Talmadge Bridge

Here is the Talmadge Bridge, which is not only a major setting in the book, but also graces the cover of A New Death.  This picture is taken from the location where our characters stop to have a little chat about a change in plans. No spoilers about what happens though!

7. Whitaker Street *NEW*


Whitaker Street is one of Savannah’s many one way streets. It runs parallel with Drayton Street (on which traffic goes the opposite direction) and travels south away from the Savannah river. In the story, it serves our characters as a straight shot through downtown Savannah, although they do drive in the wrong direction! Here’s a close up of the alleyway they turn off on.


This leads them to our next location:

8. shopSCAD or Poetter Hall *NEW*


I won’t say too much about this location because a lot happens here. (You’re just gonna have to read the book!) Again, shopSCAD the building is real location but I took artistic liberties on the inside layout. I didn’t actually go check it out until after I had already finished the book. Good news though: there is a staircase inside! 😉

That’s it for right now, but as I take more photos, I’ll be sure to upload them here!

  1. Hanson Tjung says:

    I would love to read your books.

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    • beencalled says:

      Well, you could go to the link a the top of the page and join my email list. I give subscribers the first eBook free.

      Or if you want to support my continuing work, you can pick them up via Amazon.

      Thanks for the interest!


  2. John Maxey says:

    E mail was wrong


  3. John Maxey says:

    Love the pics! I missed a few locations in the book so I’m looking forward to see some pics!


  4. Lorna says:

    This is really a great idea.. Really helps with the visual


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