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A New Death Cover 2.0

Jeremy is a guy who seems to be going nowhere fast. Nineteen, a college dropout, and working as grocery clerk just to help his mom make ends meet, things never seem to go his way. Not to mention the frustrating relationship with his father, who lives a life of luxury not too far away.

Life couldn’t seem to get any harder. At least it seemed that way before the zombie apocalypse flooded into Savannah, Georgia.

Follow Jeremy as he fights to survive his escape from Savannah, as he searches for family, and fights off the undead horde. Could his mother’s religion be right? Is this the end? Does he have what it takes to survive the apocalypse?

Available in these formats:



In CJ’s Story, you meet CJ, the nephew of truck driver Josh in A New Death. Find out what happens to Josh’s family when the zombie apocalypse shambles into Savannah, Georgia! Will thirteen year old CJ understand what is going on? Will he believe it? Will his family get out of the city alive?

Also available for other formats on Smashwords


Jeremy, Lexx, and Tori made it out of Savannah alive.

But is it any better away from the city and in the Georgia countryside?

Now that they are teamed up with a truck driver named Josh, will they find Josh’s family and a safe place from the undead? Will life be able to return to some kind of normality? Even if that normality involves splitting open some rotten skulls?

In the second installment of the New Death series, see if our trio has what it takes to continue to survive in the zombie apocalypse!

Will Jeremy make his peace with God?

Will Tori allow herself to develop feelings for Lexx?

Will Lexx find any more Coke?

Also available in Paperback


Picking up where A New Darkness finished, we find Lexx barreling down the abandoned highway in a “borrowed” police cruiser looking for Tori and Josh. But mostly Tori.

After the climatic events at the cabin, the group lies in pieces and Lexx seeks to put them back together.

Will he find Tori? Or will he be overcome by the undead?

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