Hey Everyone! Yes, I am still alive! This episode has two purposes: to one let you know what I’ve been up to and why there hasn’t been an episode in a hot minute.

And two, I want to give some Publishing Tips for anyone who is just getting started. I’m currently helping a guy publish his first book and let’s just say, unfortunately, there are people out there that prey on those who don’t know any better.

It’s a short episode as I get back into the groove of the podcast, but I hope to be posting more often.

I’ll be in Statesboro, Ga on September 15th at Galactic Comics and Games from 10 AM to Noon, hanging out with other authors and signing books!




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In this week’s episode, I ramble on about Pokémon Go, before diving into writing advice and why I think it sucks. Then after trying to convince you that writing advice sucks, I then to proceed to give you some writing advice, which sucks.

Guess I should have thought that more through…

Oh well. Here are the people I mention at the end of the show who helped me in my writing journey.

Nick Stephenson yourfirst10kreaders.com

David Gaughran davidgaughran.com

Sterling and Stone sterlingandstone.net

Joanna Penn TheCreativePenn.com

Film Riot filmriot.com

Skip to the 14:00 mark to skip to the writing advice.

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Radio & Podcasts

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Hey everyone! A new update on the YouTube Channel! I’ve been up to a lot, like being on the radio and starting a podcast! Check the video out below and make sure to like and subscribe to stay up to date on any new info!


Check out the Podcast at these links:

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Whew! That’s a lot! And here’s one more:

Muses, Memoirs, and More https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCtgekxVSviy7pcHMC5NHQFQ

Thats’s the link to the radio show I mentioned! Check it out!

Hey everybody!

So this past Saturday, I had the opportunity to be on a local radio show here in Savannah. It’s called Muses, Memoirs, and More, and it features authors and other creatives from the Georgia area. My buddy Adam Messer hosts it, you may remember me mentioning him from the Savannah Quill Convention.

I got to be the guest on the second episode, which was really cool. After the episode, Adam edits it and posts it to YouTube. I’ve shared it with y’all here. Give it a listen and if you like the format, give a like and subscribe to the YouTube page for more content.

Also, make sure you subscribe to hear next weeks episode! Adam and I are switching seats and I will be hosting and interviewing him! Adam has a background with writing a local column here in Savannah and you can learn about the origin of the Savannah Quill Book Convention.



To Reboot or Not to Reboot

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So, in my last post, I laid out three things in store for this year.

1. That A New Daybreak will be out this fall.

2. There will be at least two short films set in the world of The Savannah Zombie Novel series.


3. There may, or may not be, a soft reboot in store for the series.

Now, what’s the difference between a “soft reboot” and a “hard reboot”?

A hard reboot is like when Sony made the Amazing Spider-Man movies, rebooting the universe that Sam Raimi built. The first Amazing was well received, but the second one, not so much. This caused ol Spidey to be rebooted again, this time into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Each time, although the basic premise was the same, the story was changed drastically. Especially for poor old Uncle Ben. At least they didn’t actually show his death in Homecoming, cause c’mon. Three times is too much.

Then look at the reboot of The Fantastic Four. (Don’t watch it though, just look at it from a safe distance. It’s a stinker.) They almost completely redid the concept of the Fantastic Four, where it really could have been it’s own movie and just took the Fantastic Four title off the project.

Hard reboots can be hard to swallow, especially when there is a dedicated fan base already attached to the franchise.

This is where the soft reboot comes into play.

Think the Star Wars sequels.

The new episodes, starting with The Force Awakens, were essentially a soft reboot in the series. They still continued the main story line set up by George Lucas, but were designed to make Star Wars accessible to new fans, by tweaking old characters, adding new characters, and rehashing old themes.

Now, maybe Star Wars isn’t the best example, because like I said before, reboots can be hard for dedicated fanbases. And Star Wars has a little bit of a dedicated fanbase. And some of them didn’t appreciate the changes made. The Force Awakens was too much like A New Hope. The Last Jedi went the complete other way and has become extremely divisive amongst fans.

Ok, maybe Star Wars wasn’t that great of an example…

Anyways, the changes I have in store for the Savannah Zombie Novel series are not quite as drastic as Disney’s vision for the Galaxy Far, Far Away.

Enough of me explaining reboots (and probably poorly) and more explaining why I feel the need to reboot.

1. When I started this whole thing, I had no idea what I was doing.

If you’ve followed this blog for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard me harp on this a few times. But if this is you’re first time here, this is it in a nutshell:

The Savannah Zombie series started off as a low budget zombie movie idea a friend and I had in high school. I wrote up an outline and a few pages of script on some notebook paper. And that’s about as far as we got. We had no money, we had no equipment, and this was before you could just shoot decent video on your phone.

The story lay dormant for years, until one day I dusted off the outline and turned the first few scenes into chapters. I shared them with a new friend and he enjoyed them and told me to write more. So I did. And suddenly, there was this book beginning to take shape.

Around this same time, my wife gave me a Kindle for Christmas. And I began downloading a bunch of zombie novels. Some were good, some not so much. But I realized that some were self-published, and that was something I didn’t even realize was possible.

Don’t even get me started on print paperbacks.

So I set out self publish this little zombie novel I had been writing, and the snowball kept getting bigger and bigger until finally I had this book out there and no idea what to do next.

Well, I knew there was more story. So I wrote a short story. And then a second book. And then another short story. And I’ve been working on book three for about a 1000 years now. (Slight exaggeration.)

But along the way, I learned more about writing, about publishing, and just more in general. Stuff that would have been great to know when I start d getting his whole author journey.

But now, I find myself at this crossroads of do I keep pushing ahead with what I have; or do I stop and try to adjust some of this shaky foundation I made five years ago?

Which brings me to point number two:

2. I’ve grown as a writer.

If you’ve been with me since A New Death, then you may have noticed this. Those first few chapters of book one are okay, but even I can see the difference in my writing style between the beginning and the ending of that book. CJ’s Story and A New Darkness are the same way. With each new work, I see a tremendous growth in my writing and becoming comfortable with my voice.

And that brings me back to the reboot idea. I’d really like to go back and reset some of those “fractures” in the beginning of the series. I would go back and change a few things story wise, things I wasn’t sure I wanted to do when I started.

Now if I had an editor when I published A New Death, I probably could have avoided some of these issues. But I didn’t, and there’s not much I can do about that now.

3. Honestly, there’s just a few things I would like to change.

For starters, the story just starts. When I originally wrote it, I was coming from a movie script background and thought of the story as the zombie movie I wanted to see.

Which is great and I always recommend thinking of writing that way, but novels are different and I think I did the characters and the readers a disservice by not letting you get to know the cast a little bit more before we dove right in.

I’d like to change a few relationships and just clarify some plot lines a little better.

So, that’s it. That’s what I’m thinking. Now the question is do I do all this before finishing and publishing A New Daybreak?

I don’t know. Another post for another time.

Let me know your thoughts on reboots!

Josh Vasquez

So, should I even do that thing where I explain I’m not that good at consistent blogging?

No? We’re all on the same page? Cool.

So the last post I made was for North Pole Zombies last November. And then silence until, what month is it now? April? Dang.

Normally how this goes is I blame the crazy hours I work for my job. (I go in to work at 3 AM and midnight on Sundays.)

Well, this will be the last week of that.

This upcoming Friday will be my last day of said crazy hours.

I’m starting a new job the following Monday, so hopefully things will level out for me creatively.  This is a much needed change of pace for me, because, not sure if you noticed, but I have sucked creatively lately, and by lately, i mean the last four years.

I mean, where the heck is A New Daybreak, the third book in the Savannah Zombie Series?!?

Oh, that’s right, I haven’t finished it yet.

Man, I hate that. I hate leaving my readers hanging and hate unfinished projects

So, I promise you, you will be reading book 3 in the Savannah Zombie Series this year. 2018. Mark my freaking words.

Also, I’ve been promising video content.

The Savannah Zombie series started off as a vision my buddy and I had in high school. We wanted to make a low budget zombie movie. I wrote up the outline and a few pages of script. But that was as far as we got. We had no money. No equipment. No experience. Oh, and we had no money. Did I mention that?

And this was before smart phones. Back then the most advanced phone was the Motorola Razr! Ha! Man, we thought we were the shiznet back then! Of course, I was still rocking the indestructible Nokia, with the killer app, Snake 2.

Man, look at that thing.

Tesla ain’t got nothing on that!

Ok, maybe they do. Whatever.

Anyways, what was I saying?

Oh right, the movie.

Well, the Savannah Zombie series has started to come back full circle and I’ve started to realize the dream I had in high school.

Yes, the first video has been made.

It’s just a teaser. Just a clip.

But it’s the start.

And oh man, has it got me excited.

So, on top of my promise of you reading A New Daybreak this year, I’m adding the promise of at LEAST two short films in the world of the Savannah Zombie Novel series.

Bold? Maybe. But it’s going to happen.

Here’s the teaser.

I’ll write another post going into the detail of how it was made. (You’ll be surprised.)

But there it is. The beginning. A genesis. A spark that will light the rebellion that will… Wait, that’s Star Wars.

Sorry, I REALLY like Star Wars. (And yes, The Last Jedi is amazing. So, there’s that.)

Ok, so this post has been everywhere, but here’s the takeaway’s:

  1. A New Daybreak will be here this year. (Probably fall.)
  2. There will be TWO short films in the Savannah Zombie universe.
  3. There may be a soft reboot of the series in store for this year too.

Oh, I didn’t go into that last one?


I think that deserves its own post.

So, um, bye.


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Ho, ho, ho-ley crap!

Thanksgiving and the Christmas season are upon us already!

Man, this year has flown by! It’s hard to believe that December is just a few days away.

I have been wanting to write a seasonal series of stories for a couple years now, but have never seemed to find the time.

Well, I chose to buckle down and use the spirit of NaNoWriMo this year and finally get to work!

I’ve known for a while the series title, North Pole Zombies, and the basic plot line:

Santa’s elves turn into zombies and Santa’s got to put them all down.

But in this past year, I really pinned down the story and it came to life in these past few frantic NaNoWriMo weeks.

And I got to say:

It’s freaking awesome.

It has been so much fun to write and to craft this story’s world and characters.

Oh man, the characters.

One of my favorite things about writing is when you fall in love with a character that you thought was just a supportive role, but turns out to be such an intregal part of the story.

I’m super excited about a character for Part 2 of the series, but I won’t dive too deep into him, because, you know, spoilers…

So, North Pole Zombies is being released this Black Friday. (You can pre-order it now, though.)

If I could describe it simply, it’s like a mix between DOOM, The Evil Dead, and those claymation Christmas specials that come on ABC Family, or whatever that channel is called nowadays. You know the one.

It’s funny, it’s heartwarming, it’s action-packed. 

And mostly, it’s just fun.

It was refreshing to just be kind of silly and write this outlandish short story. To take a break from the bleakness of the world and just have fun with it.

The story follows Nicholas Klaus, the Bringer of Gifts, as he prepares for the Christmas season. After visiting “down South” he returns to the North Pole to find out a mysterious sickness has overcome the elf population. What follows throws Klaus back into a life he had long put behind him…

If you need something to read while you’re standing in line this Black Friday, or just want to read something fun to start getting into the Christmas spirit, check out North Pole Zombies! 

Click the cover above and it will take you directly to the Amazon page.

Happy Holidays everyone,

Josh Vasquez