The Author

Josh Vasquez was born in November 1987. In 1996, his family moved to Savannah, Ga, where he has lived the majority of his life. Josh has always had a love for writing and creating stories. In his senior year of high school, he and a friend set out to make a low-budget zombie movie. The only thing that was produced was a simple outline of the script. It lay dormant until 2011, where he dusted it off and resurrected it into a novel. He has no formal training, only a passion for reading and writing.

Starting in 2013, Vasquez began publishing his Savannah Zombie Novel series with A New Death. It was followed by the short CJ’s Story and second novel, A New Darkness, the following year. In 2015, Josh published Lexx’s Story, the second short story in the series and then went into a hiatus due to having children and a career change.

In 2020, Josh joined fellow collaborator Adam Messer in starting Valhalla Books, a small book publisher started by Messer in Savannah. While planning the first short story anthology for Valhalla, Adam and Josh wanted to make a book trailer for the book launch and started a small production company, Dead Pixel Pictures. The anthology The Devil’s Due and short film The Devil in the Details both premiered on October 31st, 2020, thus bringing Josh’s story full circle back into filmmaking.

Starting in 2021, Josh republished his Savannah Zombie series under the banner of Valhalla Books. He released A New Death: Director’s Cut, an updated version of his original novel with added scenes and bonus material, just like the Director’s Cut horror DVDs he grew up with. A New Darkness would also be republished and finally, the third book in the series, A New Daybreak, would make its way to bookshelves.

When he’s not writing about himself in third-person, Josh Vasquez lives in Savannah, GA with his wife Laura and two daughters. The city is currently zombie-free.

He says, “You’re welcome.”

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